FIND and NetSE

If you are interested in Future Internet Design (FIND) and are considering submitting a FIND-like research proposal, here is some clarifications from NSF about submitting proposals to the NeTSE or NeTS part of the Core solicitations. FIND is no longer a separate funded area, but it continues as a very healthy set of activities, both in CISE and in the research community. The FIND community maintains a website at www.nets-find.net. There are at least two obvious avenues for funding.

If you are submitting a proposal that focuses only on networking research, but is FIND-like in that it addresses new network architectural components or proposes a new architecture and does not assume the constraints of the current Internet, you may submit this proposal to the NeTS section of the Core solicitation. Near the beginning of the project summary indicate that it is FIND-like so that reviewers will not judge it against the constraints of the current Internet.

If you are submitting a proposal that addresses network architectural components or a new architecture that is multi-disciplinary (draws from expertise supported across CISE or disciplines funded by other Directorates at NSF) you should submit the proposal to NetSE. For example if the proposal is FIND-like as described above and addresses a broader range of issues such as theory, economics, social networks or applications and its/their impact on the design of the core network or a new overarching network architectures, then it belongs in NetSE. (These are examples only and of course NSF welcomes multi-disciplinary ideas not given in these examples).

You can also consider other options within NSF for funding, such as the Expeditions solicitation.

Whatever path you pursue for funding, if your work is FIND-like in character, we urge you to send in a white paper and request to join in the FIND activities. See the information about sending a white paper here.

You can view Ty Znati’s presentation about FIND and NetSE, the panel discussion which addresses a broad range of questions including FIND, and other presentations and slides about NetSE at the website for the NetSE information meeting found at: http://www.visualwebcaster.com/event.asp?id=51038